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To understand the brunt of the "retail experience" or "shopping experience" to increase sales and retain customers, first need to know what goes on in consumer's minds when they come into contact with any product or service.

Various studies of consumer behavior say that virtually everything the consumer experience right now is critical to the decision to purchase and have loyalty.

Even the sensory experience of being able to touch on what is being offered, or the image of the layout of the site has a considerable weight in the composition of this moment that the consumer is living.

Despite the growth of online shopping, big box retailers that have sales operations online and physical retail are also adamant that the majority of purchasing decisions are still being made in physical stores.

They also claim that its stores create online customer traffic to physical stores, since many customers after researching the products on the sites tend to go the shops to understand and evaluate the product more closely.

This kind of trend is occurring even more frequently with electronics, because the consumer feels the need to know more, test the functions and compare with other products in the same class.

Connoisseurs of consumer behavior, many retailers are trying to create a pleasant shopping atmosphere, starting from the layout of the store to the display of products with clear, friendly service and efficient after sales.

The result is increased brand awareness in customer loyalty and sales!

E-Cord collaborates with major retailers and electronics manufacturers in the world to create the ultimate retail experience.

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