• Central Smart

  • Sensor Magnet MiniRound

  • Sensor Magnet

  • Sensor Camera

  • Sensor UNO

  • Sensor USB

  • Super Recoil

  • E-Cord Pick And Look

  • E-Cord Finder Touch

  • E-Cord Finder-Shelf Touch

  • Volt Magnet MiniRound Back-Coiled

  • Sensores Volt Magnet Back-Coiled

  • Volt Camera um Coiled Light Gray

  • E-Cord Audio

  • Mechanical Protection Notebook

  • E-Cord Smartlocker

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The E-Cord allows you to expose any model of phone, GPS, I-pod, notebook, or camera in a safe, visually organized simple way.

To look attractive, provide an excellent shopping experience, allowing the customer to evaluate all functions of the products displayed without the aid of a salesperson

The central E-Cord possess advanced smart sensing capability that increase security and simplify handling.

Unlike systems known as electronic locks "our system is able to understand and treat each sensor as a single sensor.

The E-Cord Benchmark has excellent performance even against the theft committed by gang specialist.

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